VServer Patches

Included here are patches for adding vserver support to -ac and WOLK4.0 kernels.  Feedback is welcome - send to [deacon at thedeacon.org].  Enjoy!


01-12-2003   patch-linux-2.4.20-WOLK4.0s-pre4-ctx16.bz2   19 Kb
Adds vserver support to 2.4.20-WOLK4.0s-pre4 kernel.
For more information on this kernel, visit the WOLK Project's Homepage.

02-26-2002   patch-linux-2.4.19-pre1-ac1-ctx8.bz2   13 Kb
Adds vserver support to 2.4.19-pre1-ac1 kernel.

02-26-2002   patch-linux-2.4.19-pre1-ac1-xfs-ctx8.bz2   13 Kb
Adds vserver support to 2.4.19-pre1-ac1-xfs kernel.

02-20-2002   patch-linux-2.4.18-rc2-ac1-ctx7.bz2   11 Kb
Adds vserver support to 2.4.18-rc2-ac1 kernel.

02-13-2002   patch-linux-2.4.18-pre9-ac2-ctx7.bz2   11 Kb
This patch adds vserver support to a "stock" 2.4.18-pre9-ac2 kernel. Note the vserver syscalls have moved to 238-239 as of this kernel.
Syscall numbers/reservations have changed as of 2.4.18-pre9-ac2 (226-227 are no longer available), so I've moved the vserver syscalls from 226-227 to 238-239.
If your vserver utils are 0.10 or older, you'll probably want to recompile your vserver utils against these kernel headers. Vserver-utils 0.11 and newer should detect the syscall number at runtime.

2-13-2002   patch-linux-2.4.17-xfs-ctx7.bz2   11 Kb
This patch merges support for vserver into a 2.4.17-xfs kernel.

2-27-2002   linux-2.4.9-21SGI_XFS_1.0.2-ctx8.tar.bz2   19 Mb
Backport of the ctx-8 patch into the RedHat 2.4.9-21 XFS kernel, as supplied at oss.sgi.com. Note this is a full kernel tarball, not a patch! :)